Why Your Hot Tub Might Be Your New Obsession

Have you ever taken a soak in a hot tub? If you have never been in a modern hot tub, you might be thinking that they are all the same. Modern hot tub comes in a really wide range of shapes, colours, and styles. Furthermore, soaking in a hot tub can have some great health benefits.

How a Hot Soak Can Help You Feel Great

Did you know that hot tubs are really good for your health, both physically and mentally? Imagine sliding into a hot tub after work and how that might feel. Here’s why that hot soak feels so good and is so good for your health:

  • Your muscles: Stiff muscles after work can be a real pain, but a soak in a hot tub can help relax them. A soak is great after exercise, after work, and even on a Sunday night before work to help relax those aching and stiff muscles.
  • Massage: Every hot tub features jets that help circulate the water. These powerful jets also massage the soft tissues of the body and help restore peak circulation. This deep tissue massage is excellent for anyone that has a soft tissue injury, including athletes. It is also ideal for elderly people that many have poor circulation, especially in the peripheral parts of their bodies.
  • Stresses: If you have ever taken a hot soak, you’ve probably felt the day’s worries melt away. Floating in warm water relieves pressure on the joints, and allows us to fully relax. When we do this, our anxieties and worries tend to drift away. This is great for people that experience a lot of stress in their lives, and even those that suffer from generalised anxiety and depression.
  • Even more circulation: Apart from the deep tissue massage and promotion of good circulation provided by the tub’s many jets, the hot water also helps to dilate blood vessels all over the body. This promotes better circulation and removes some of the stress from our heart muscles.

Not Only for Athletes

Though it is obvious that a hot tub can be of great benefit for those that play sports, or those that are in physically demanding jobs, the role that a hot tub can play in the life of someone with chronic health problems cannot be underestimated. The elderly often have poor circulation, mobility problems, and joint pain. A soak in a hot tub can help promote blood flow, relieve the strain on sore joints, and provide a deep tissue massage. In this context, a hot tub can really benefit everyone.


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