5 Pointers For Selecting A Mover For Your Requirements!

Shifting from one home to another is always tedious and boring. There are endless things to manage, especially if you are shifting between cities and jobs. An obvious idea is to hire a mover, and there are plenty of companies to choose from. Movers are responsible for managing your goods, and it makes sense to select a company that offers genuine services.

Below are the quick tips for choosing the best moving company in Collierville TN.

  • Ask around. Talk to your friends, colleagues and neighbors about the services they have tried. Movers with good market reputation should be your priority, and for that, references always come handy. You can also check online, as most companies have their websites these days, where customer reviews and feedback are rightly mentioned.

  • Check the basics. Is the company licensed? Movers in the United States need to have a US DOT number, which is their license issued by the transport department. The company must also have the necessary papers to take up commercial and residential work.
  • Is the company insured? In case any of your goods is damaged in transit, you wouldn’t want to bear the losses. Check if the concerned company is insured, and if yes, check the extent of their liability. If you have a lot of expensive stuff, you may want to check for additional moving insurance, which is quite handy for preventing damage, especially for longer distances.
  • Ask for an estimate. Movers can be expensive, and it always makes sense to get an estimate in advance. Usually, the moving company will send their team for a quick evaluation, and based on your goods, distance traveled and other factors, they will send an estimate. Make sure that there is no scope for hidden charges.

  • Check for extra charges. Some companies have weird policies at times, and they may charge you additionally for moving certain items. There are other charges, like long carry charges long carry charges, that may apply. Talk to the concerned mover and ask for the final price. If they are offering packaging services, ask for a separate estimate for the same.

Lastly, do take your time to check if the company is genuine. Sometimes, these companies sell the work to subcontractors for commission, and you wouldn’t want to hand over your goods to a third party. Pay a visit to their office, and if possible, ask them to offer a point of contact.

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